One comment on “Broccoli: What the Heck Is Going On, Anyway?

  1. That’s actually a fairly common phenomenon when you’re developing an allergy to something — body decides it’s poison, and refuses to have anything to do with it. Also can happen because of hormonal imbalance (body starts avoiding some stuff to force seeking of other stuff). Me, I would pay attention and not assume it’s just craziness.

    Humans actually have a very well-developed olfactory bulb, and a sense of smell that surpasses some dogs — but we also tend to filter out scent. Even so, it often subconsciously triggers on something like the above, causing a reaction at the level of survival instinct.

    I tend to do this with food that has silently spoiled (like gravy or mayo can do). It suddenly is Not Food and I can’t eat it. Which means I may go home from the restaurant still hungry, but everyone else goes home with food poisoning.


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