3 comments on “Minimalism vs. Ability

  1. 2 parts godiva dark chocolate, 1 part chambord, tablespoon kahlua = raspberry truffle
    2 parts cold brew coffee, 1 part dark spiced rum, 1/2 part frangelico = bosun’s coffee

    Otherwise, both are niche uses and variations on more standard drinks.

    — Nathan


    • Thanks, Nathan. The bosun’s coffee looks interesting. I suspect this just helps confirm that the Chambord is something I need not stock consistently.

      Ever find a use (in a drink, that is) for the Malört? Not that I mind having it straight, myself.


      • I’ve had a Malort cocktail at The Oakland in Ferndale, MI, don’t remember what was in it. Name of it was “Death and Remorse”.

        I haven’t looked up anything myself or tried anything yet.


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