3 comments on “Stupid Question Time (Ox Slow)

  1. I don’t know what Ox considers acceptable color wise, but the feline uses the “Intergalactic” theme (free). I have not seen any issues with noting if a post has comments. (I have more problems seeing new comments in the reader)

    It has some pros and cons:
    The menu (“about me”, “follow” button and “blog role”) is in a bad spot, hard to find and use
    you do not have “recent comments” or “recent posts”
    color is muted, easy on the eyes.
    Most posts are truncated on the main page – so you can quick review more in a quick glance.
    Clean looking – nothing cluttering up the sides


  2. The paid ones are definitely nicer but I would use an older one as i had a friend who bought one that had a security exploitation attached. Wish you luck as i have a blog that needs sprucing so I will follow along 🙂


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