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  1. Wow, I read the comments to Jay’s opinion piece and feel like some folks are not listening to Jay’s words. On the flip side, it is nice that the con is more inclusive. As someone who lives close to the “people’s Republic of Cambridge” I can understand how left-leaning voices are just as bad as far right. I really hope that folks can realize that self-congratulation /= open-mindedness.


    • That the funny (odd, not ha-ha) thing. Penguicon _as it was_ was *genuinely* inclusive. How you identified or whatever Did. Not. Matter. You showed up? Welcome! Now, it’s not that anymore.


  2. Not being a con-goer, I had to look this up to see what had happened.

    Wow, the vitriol in the comments was dripping. Like Phoenix said, they were missing the point. Are they really that blind? Oh, I “loved” that go make your own con comments – wasn’t that the same thing the Puppies were told.

    I understand Jay’s request to leave the politics at the door. Or at least make the con more balanced: For every left winger, bring in a right-winger. Easy to say, hard to do.


  3. So I have to ask – how many speakers were also cancelled at the last minute because of one issue or another? No, I don’t mean the speaker just couldn’t/didn’t show, but cancelled by the Head of Programming just before the event even though their talks were accepted a couple of months earlier? My employer reimburses me if I speak at a conference and I rely on that. I made the non-refundable reservations, bought the tickets, and soon after they cancelled me – I’m now out $380.

    People who have spoken at other cons asked how it went and I was quite honest – they cancelled me for garbage reasons and I got hosed. It’s customary for cons (at the very least) to give speakers a free badge and usually a +1 for their significant other. After all, the speakers help make the con what it is. To cancel a speaker just before the con though? Well, that just makes speakers not want to bother submitting when the CFP opens up. Like me, they’ll continue submitting to other cons.

    Then, with all of the safe space/SJW/triggerings/privilege garbage being thrown about, there’s absolutely no way I’m ever going to Penguicon again and there are a significant amount of people who won’t be coming back next year. The con heads can enjoy patting themselves on the back for killing the con – it’ll be one big safe space. Enjoy!


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